Gazprom Neft and OMK use technologies and devices of assisted and augmented reality

8 July 2020

Digital transformation of manufacturing companies covers more and more areas, changing the usual way of doing things.

One of these areas is inspection control, which plays an important role in analyzing the quality of products at the early stages of their manufacture.

Using IKSAR software platform, inspector receives a task in a digital format directly to  mobile device, in this case to industrial smart glasses.

Leaving hands free, with the help of voice commands, employee enters right away all the data.

According to a graphic and text instructions on the screen of smart glasses, the specialist fills in checklists, makes photo and video recording of deviations.

Upon completion of operations, information in a structured digital form immediately becomes available for analysis to all stakeholders.

Gazprom Neft expects that the use of IKSAR in combination with industrial smart glasses can significantly increase the accuracy and speed of operations.

Commenting on the results of the Project, Vladimir Gorokhov, INLINE GROUP's Customer Relations Director, noted the relevance and demand for such solutions among the largest Russian and world companies, and also drew attention to the fact that during the COVID-19 pandemic, smart devices on the head can significantly increase the efficiency of business processes, where video communication with a Remote Expert is required, who through the eyes of an operator in smart glasses sees the same picture as the employee himself at the facility in real time.

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