Segezha Group is testing assisted reality technologies and devices in the "field"

11 November 2022

Segezha Group, a leading international timber holding, together with INLINE GROUP, tested the IKSAR software platform in combination with industrial AR glasses in real field conditions at one of the logging sites in the Vologda region.

The key task of the tests was to check the applicability and effectiveness of the use of assisted reality devices (AR glasses) and digital guides to the action on the screen of these devices thanks to the functionality of the domestic software platform "IKSAR" for regular use by employees when setting up communication equipment and carrying out maintenance of logging equipment .

The actions of the employee in AR glasses were supposed to repeat the current process in the company, but using a digital solution that aims to increase the efficiency and productivity of employees, as well as increase transparency and reduce the time of processes.

During the tests, employees put on their standard helmet with monocular and binocular AR glasses attached to it, loaded with the IKSAR software and customized processes.

On the screen of AR glasses, the employee saw step-by-step operations in accordance with the current work regulations in the company.

The employee managed the steps of the regulations and all actions on AR glasses by voice commands in Russian.

When performing operations on AR glasses, the employee received graphic and text instructions for action, sound audio prompts for ongoing operations, carried out photo and video recording of control events and detected incidents, recorded voice comments, which are later automatically converted into text in a report on the operations performed, made a video call to a remote expert, filled out checklists, looked through the documents attached to the process and entered numerical data.

All actions (except for video calls) the employee could perform offline.

The tests were successful, the high potential of using the domestic platform "IKSAR" was noted to increase the efficiency and speed of operations, transparency, objectivity of the process and results, control of compliance with safety regulations, increase the reliability of data received from the "fields", reduce the number of routine operations for filling out special logs and reporting forms based on the results of the operations of "field" employees.

Commenting on the test results, Igor Gulyansky, Innovation Director of INLINE GROUP JSC, thanked his colleagues from Segezha Group for their high professionalism in preparing and conducting tests, as well as for the very detailed and structured feedback on AR devices and IKSAR software.

A video of fragments of the tests is also available at the link.