INLINE GROUP took part in the conference "IT Priorities 2021", organized by TAdviser

19 February 2021

On February 17, 2021 the team "IKSAR" INLINE GROUP took part in the conference "IT Priorities 2021", organized by TAdviser - one of the leading IT resources of Russia.

 Together with leading IT experts from various industries, we discussed the main priorities in the field of information technology 2021 and beyond.


We noted that in recent years, most large companies have made significant investments in "digital management": Back-office, planning, operational and financial analytics, procurement, and others.

 However, in most industrial companies, field workers still lack digital tools.

 Inline Group, creating our IKSAR software product, proceeded from the fact that one of the main IT priorities for the coming years should be the implementation of the “Digital employee” concept for “field” workers.

 In practice, in order to achieve a high-quality result in a timely manner, in compliance with all security measures, an employee must not only strictly fulfill the assigned task, but also effectively manage the allocated resources, promptly solve emerging problems, constantly master new knowledge, fill out a wide list of reporting and analytical forms, manage changes , perform non-core tasks.

 In all this, digital technologies and products can and should help him.

 IKSAR allows:

  • display step-by-step digital instructions right in front of the eyes of AR glasses or a traditional smartphone, providing clarity, simplicity and accuracy of operations, as a result, increasing the quality of the final result;
  • manage intuitive voice commands in Russian on AR glasses or a touchpad on a smartphone or tablet with all operations of a task received on a mobile device, increasing the speed of work and leaving the employee's hands free in the case of AR glasses;
  • directly from AR glasses or a smartphone to carry out video communication with a remote expert, showing a disputable situation in real time, increasing the response time to an incident by a factor of several;
  • finally, automatically leave a "digital footprint" of all transactions and immediately send relevant data to adjacent IT systems.

IKSAR, in combination with mobile devices, including industrial grade AR glasses, can become an integral part of the day-to-day operations of field workers, as a key element in helping digital technologies to meet the challenges of improving safety, quality, speed and transparency.