SAP CIS and INLINE GROUP demonstrated their innovative solutions using smart glasses in warehouse logistics

28 February 2019

SAP CIS and INLINE GROUP on February 21, 2019 at the SAP CIS Digital Leadership Center held a seminar for representatives of major Russian companies on innovation and digital business transformation using SAP solutions and a software platform for augmented reality devices and technologies called IKSAR in combination with «smart glasses».

Participants have seen real demos of integration between SAP solutions and IKSAR for the warehouse logistics workers using «smart glasses».

The experts of INLINE GROUP demonstrated the physical scenario of Material picking operations starting in SAP systems and then transported to IKSAR system to operate on smart glasses. The INLINE GROUP employee played the role of a warehouse worker, making Material picking operations, including demonstration of potential cases where it is not full material amount on the shelve or incorrect storage place in the order using RealWear smart glasses.

In addition to a live demonstration, the experts of SAP CIS, RealWear and INLINE GROUP showed presentations on practical use cases for augmented and assisted reality technologies and devices around the world, on the latest developments of their companies in these areas, and also shared their predictions on the future of such technologies in Russia.

 RealWear representative Andrei Petrov in his report shared the latest achievements of success stories of leading world companies using HMT-1 smart glasses and noted that INLINE GROUP is a pioneer of the Russian market of solutions for devices and technologies of assisted and augmented reality in the corporate segment. At the end of the meeting, participants in a round table format discussed in detail the issues raised and the future of implementation of such solutions at the largest Russian enterprises within the framework of digitalization programs for key sectors of the economy.

Commenting on the results of the event, Deputy Director General of INLINE GROUP, Igor Gulianskii, thanked colleagues from SAP CIS for the high level of organization of the seminar in one of the most innovative centers in Moscow, and also noted the importance of cooperation between INLINE GROUP and SAP CIS in the field of digital transformation solutions.

The representative of SAP CIS, Andrei Troitsky, summing up, highly appreciated the variety of IKSAR functionality and the smart devices involved and stressed the effectiveness of SAP and IKSAR integration in various application scenarios.