INLINE GROUP demonstrated the capabilities of the IKSAR platform in combination with smart glasses at the IT Council of PJSC «ROSSETI»

26 April 2019

INLINE GROUP at the annual meeting of heads of IT departments of subsidiaries and affiliates and the head office of PJSC «ROSSETI» presented its latest developments in the field of digital business transformation using the software platform for augmented and assisted reality devices and technologies called «IKSAR» in combinations with RealWear HMT-1 smart glasses adapted for use in industrial environments.

The members of the IT Council throughout the day had the opportunity to personally test IKSAR software and RealWear smart glasses following the demo scenario of visual inspection of equipment. Users managed all actions with intuitive voice commands in Russian, filled out checklists, entered digital parameters, carried out photo and video recording of identified incidents in relation to equipment, left voice comments, carried out a two-way audio-video call with Remote Expert and much more. Smart glasses not only provided free hands and provided visual graphic guides for action at each step, but also took care of employees' labor protection, determining their location using GPS, measuring the number of steps taken, and controlling falls.

In addition to a live demonstration of the latest developments, representatives of INLINE GROUP made a presentation on practical use cases of using such technologies and devices around the world and on the first results of real implementations at industrial facilities in Russia, and also shared their forecasts for the development of the assisted and augmented reality industry.

Commenting on the results of the event, Deputy Director General of INLINE GROUP Igor Gulianskii emphasized the high relevance of the IKSAR solution in combination with smart mobile devices for PJSC «ROSSETI» not only as an essential element of digitalization, but also as an opportunity to significantly improve the efficiency of mobile workers.